Our Marriage in the Midst of Parenthood

Having a child will change your marriage, either for better or for worse. There’s no escaping this inevitable fork in the road. One way isn’t easier than the other, but one of them obviously has a better final destination. My husband and I knew since the day we got married that we wanted children. We… Continue reading Our Marriage in the Midst of Parenthood


Postpartum Anxiety: In Depth

I received an amazing amount of feedback from my previous post about dealing with postpartum anxiety and I’m glad it has reminded fellow mamas who recognize the same symptoms that they are not alone, and that what they are experiencing is very common and most importantly, treatable. I reread the blog post and realized that I… Continue reading Postpartum Anxiety: In Depth


So far, my Top 5 Momma Faves

Since the birth of Marcus, I’ve been testing out, loving, hating, keeping, and throwing out different mommy and baby products recommended by family, friends, and the glorious interwebz. So far, here are things on the top of my list that I would highly recommend to fellow mommas: Little Remedies Little Noses Saline Spray/Drops Marcus has… Continue reading So far, my Top 5 Momma Faves